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The Leak-Resistant RELX Infinity Review: Everything You Need to Know

September 24, 2020

The RELX Infinity tackles head-on one of the most frustrating vape-related problems: leaking. 

As a beginner vape for pre-filled pods, the RELX Infinity can host a large variety of pod flavors and nicotine levels. But its primary selling point is its leak-resistant design. 

Some innovative design choices have made leaks nearly impossible with the RELX Infinity. In this RELX Infinity review, we’ll be covering how this device manages this feat and why vapes leak in the first place. Let’s get into it. 

Why Do Some Vapes Leak?

Though it may not feel this way at the time, vapes don’t leak purely to irritate you. While it’s true that a leaking vape can ruin your day, it isn’t because your vape has a vendetta against you. It’s often a product of poor design quality mixed with circumstantial factors. 

How Leaking Happens

To fully understand why leaks happen, you need to have some knowledge of the parts of a vape. We won’t bore you with the most intricate of details. Instead, we’re going to focus on the four key components that allow a vape to function correctly.

  1. E-Liquid Pods: As its name suggests, these pods hold the e-liquid. If the pods are damaged in any way, it can lead to significant leakage. 
  2. Atomizer/Heating Coil: This part heats the device, allowing for the evaporation of your chosen e-liquid. It’s what enables the liquid to turn into vapor for inhalation. Without this component, your vape is virtually defunct. 
  3. The Mouthpiece: This part is where you inhale the evaporated e-liquid.
  4. The Power Source: This feature is what gives the atomizer or heating coil its energy. Without this, your vape cannot generate heat, which means no vaporization takes place.

Understanding these four components will help you to detect the potential causes of leaks in your current device. If any of these parts become damaged, your vape will stop functioning correctly. 

For leaks, the essential pieces to keep safe are the e-liquid pods and the atomizer/heating coil.

If the e-liquid pods become damaged, it can cause the contents to spill out. This problem can worsen if the leak is subtle, as you will run out of e-liquid pods far quicker than you should. 

Atomizers/heating coils can also be the culprit of annoying leaks. This problem arises when the component becomes too saturated with e-liquid. If the overflow can’t escape properly, it will pool and ultimately leak onto either you or your belongings. 

Where Are Leaks Most Common?

Leaks can occur anywhere, but some of the most common locations include:

  • The seal
  • The central airflow tube
  • The e-liquid pods 
  • The mouthpiece

Most vape leaks are the result of product damage or poor design. However, it is also possible that the way you’re using your vape could be exacerbating things. 

If you want to reduce the likelihood of leaks, keep your vape upright where possible. Also, perform frequent quality checks. 

Closed vs. Open System Devices 

All vapes fall into either a closed or open system. Unsure of which category yours falls into or why it matters? Don’t worry; it’s easy to tell. 

Open systems allow for the refilling of tanks, while closed systems do not. 

How to Prevent Leaks with Closed System Devices 

For starters, closed systems are generally less prone to leaks than most open systems. This added safety is because replacing the refillable tanks on open systems can sometimes be a messy process. The replacement of standard pods may however result in more wear and tear over time.

Closed systems are ready to use as soon as they are charged. They work simply by attaching the pod to the device with no assembly needed, and are often preferable due to their ease of use.

The RELX Infinity

Now let’s leap into the review. The RELX Infinity offers some unique features that set it apart from competitors. As a closed system vape, it’s highly user-friendly, while also effectively preventing any leakage. The real merit of the RELX Infinity is the smart design choices that went into its creation. 

Designed with You in Mind

The first thing you may notice when you get your hands on a RELX Infinity is its ergonomic design. It fits into the hand perfectly due to its rounded shape. Even the curvature of the mouthpiece maximizes comfort while inhaling. 

The RELX Infinity isn’t a bulky device, either. Far from it. Weighing in at just 25 grams, even with a full pod attached, it’s a subtle vape. It can fit right into your pocket unobtrusively. This feature is a win for those who want to carry their devices on the go.

With its thoughtful design, the RELX Infinity is practical and convenient. 

Dual-Charging System

Speaking of on the go, the dual charging system of the RELX Infinity is another winning feature. The device can charge via a Type-C charging cable or one of its convenient charging cases.


The Type-C port is a newer style of USB pins, and it’s a significant improvement. You risked messing up the pins with the older USB ports if you plugged in the charger incorrectly. With the Type-C ports, there are no pins, ensuring less accidental damage. It is also symmetrical which makes plugging in the cable even easier.

Charging Cases

There are two charging cases currently available for the RELX Infinity. One features a 1000mAh capacity and the other a 1500mAh capacity.

Your RELX Infinity easily fits into the charging case, which also features a curved ergonomic design. This carry-case allows for charging on the go. The best part? The portable charger has the same output (1-amp) as the plug-in wall charger, so you don’t lose any quality with your charge. 

The RELX Infinity will provide up to 650 puffs per charge for the average user. 

Intuitive Design to Monitor Consumption

The vibration feature of the vape offers many practical applications. 

First, the device vibrates to let you know that it is charging. And, it will vibrate when you insert the pod into the device. 

Also, the vape will vibrate if you’ve inhaled fifteen times in a fifteen-minute window. This intuitive feedback mechanism feature lets you monitor how much you’re vaping.

The Launch of RELX Pod Pro

To keep pace with the innovative design of the RELX Infinity, the RELX Pod Pro demonstrates its own set of unique features. Most of these relate to minimizing the risk of leaks, which is a pressing concern for many vape users. 

Compatible with Leak-Resistant Pods

The RELX Infinity is compatible with our leak-resistant RELX Pods Pro which are symmetrical, so they easily click into the device. 

All pods arrive with silicone plugs on both the top and bottom of the pod. Though it may seem like a little touch, these plugs make all the difference. Leaking pods are a nightmare. Because we care about our customers, we’ve taken steps to prevent this, down to every fine detail. 

Maze-Like Condensation Trap

With the RELX Pod Pro, RELX has created an 11 layer structure. We’ve engineered the design to minimize the possibility of overflow. The ‘intelligent maze-like structure’ unique to the RELX Pod Pro means that any trapped condensation or overflow stays within the vape pen. You aren’t going to make the unpleasant discovery of a leaking vape pen in your pocket any longer. 

We put these pods through rigorous testing. The RELX Pod Pro can withstand changing circumstances such as temperature, air pressure, intense vibrations. Also, it can stand up to the pressures of day-to-day activities. Whether you’re on the move or on your busy commute, your vape is safe. 

Final Thoughts

The RELX Infinity, especially paired with the RELX Pod Pro, provides a more secure way to enjoy vaping. Without the worry of leaks, you can focus on the multiple flavors offered and think less about the logistics of using your vape on the go. 

A powerful and portable charging case keeps you going for longer, while the ergonomic design sits neatly in your pocket. There’s a lot to love about the RELX Infinity, but its strongest suit is its every-day practicality due to it’s great functionality and design.

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