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RELX Essential Review—Essentially Leak-Resistant

September 24, 2020

Let's discuss the RELX Essential. The RELX Essential vape showcases sophisticated features complemented with an affordable price tag and exceptional versatility. In this RELX Essential review, we'll go over how this exciting new product stands up against leaks and provides a full vaping experience at an affordable price. 

Why Do Some Vapes Leak?

A leaking vape can completely ruin your day. Your clothes and belongings can get messed up or stained from a leaky vape in a matter of minutes. However, some vapes experience this problem more than others. Predominantly, vape leakage occurs because of the device's design.

How Leaking Happens

To understand how leaking happens, let's first talk about a vape device's four main parts. Once you know how vapes work, you can understand better why they malfunction.

  • The pod holds the liquid solution containing the flavoring, and nicotine.
  • The heating element, aka the atomizer, heats the e-liquid.
  • A power source, usually a battery, gives the atomizer its charge.
  • The mouthpiece lets the user inhale the vaporized substance.

Leaks usually occur when the pod's seal is ineffective, or the mouthpiece's connection is not secure. It can also happen when the atomizer gets oversaturated and can no longer contain the liquid, spilling out the device.

When and Where You Are Most Likely to Experience a Leak

Leaks commonly occur when traveling, especially when on a flight. This occurs because of changes in air pressure. The additional pressure experienced on a flight effectively squeezes the vape juice out of the pod and all over your things.

You also run the risk of causing a leak if you shake your vape profusely. When you shake the device, you run the risk of allowing the vape juice to escape and make a mess.

As a general note, you should try to store your vape upright whenever you do not use it. The longer a vape rests on its side, the more likely it is to allow the liquid to seep out the airflow holes and leak. 

Closed vs. Open System Devices

Vapes generally come in two different forms. These devices utilise either a closed system or an open system. The liquid's storage and how it moves through the vape constitutes the main difference between these two systems. 

Closed System

These vapes utilize liquid refills in detachable cartridges, also known as pods, that attach to the device. When the e-liquid is depleted, you just swap out the pods. 

Open System

These vapes require manually refilling of the liquid. 

How Closed System Devices Prevent Leaks

With an open system, you have to carefully fill the e-liquid chamber with the e-liquid before you can begin vaping. If you connect the filled pod to the vape incorrectly, a leak will almost certainly ensue. You also run the risk of inadvertently causing a leak if you overfill the e-liquid chamber. 

Closed system vapes tend to have fewer leaking problems because the user does not have to insert the liquid into the chamber. With this system, you simply use a pre-filled pod until it runs out and then swap it for a new one.

These vapes are also ready to go right away as soon as they have charged. They come pre-assembled, so there is no concern about putting the device together incorrectly.

The New RELX Essential 

The RELX Essential design has you in mind. It includes all the essentials at a fantastic price. You can even customize the look to fit your style with three sophisticated colors to choose from - black, blue, and white.  

But don't just take our word for it that the RELX Essential is excellent. You can see by looking that this is an impressive device. Its ergonomic mouthpiece will feel like a custom-made piece, designed for your mouth. Let's go over some of its most remarkable features to get the full picture of this new vape.  

Type-C Charging

You can quickly charge this vape with the widely available Type-C charging cable. For your convenience, we include one with every vape purchase. 

With this quick charging cable, the device can be fully charged in as little as 40 minutes. Each charge will last up to 360 puffs, which can vary depending on how often you use the device. 

When you are running out of power, the helpful indicator light will flash to alert you that you will need to charge the vape soon.

Affordable Price Points

The RELX Essential is an entry-level device that is sophisticated and functional. It currently retails at half the price of the RELX Infinity. 

The most significant differences between these two models are design, battery life, and charging capabilities. The Infinity allows for on-the-go charging. It features its very own complementary charging accessories as well as Smart Pace alerts. 

If you want a simple device that has all the basics you need, then the RELX Essential is the way to go.

Compatible with Leak-Resistant Pods

The RELX Essential works perfectly with the RELX Pod Pro. The RELX Pod Pro is one of the most effective pod options for reducing the likelihood of leaks.

The Launch of RELX Pod Pro 

The RELX Pod Pro is the ultimate pod in anti-leaking technology. Even in typical situations when leaks occur, such as on a plane, you can trust that this specially designed pod will stay intact. No matter what you are doing or where you are going, you can trust that this pod will be ready for you whenever you want it. 

Enhanced Protection Against Leakage

The RELX Pod Pro provides enhanced protection against leakage. It features 11 structural layers that prevent leaks from being a problem. With the design, you can be sure of a more secure vaping experience. The pod's maze-like structure also allows it to trap condensation and keep it inside the pod where it belongs. 

Flavor Abundance

With so many different flavors available, you are sure to find the perfect one to fit your every mood. The RELX Pod Pro comes in many flavor options:

  • Raspy Ruby
  • Garden's Heart
  • Ludou Ice
  • Menthol Plus
  • Fresh Red
  • Tangy Purple
  • Dark Sparkle

Each flavor is unique, and you can try them all out to find the one you like best—the nicotine percentages for each flavor range from 3-5%. 

Buy Today

Whether you are a casual vape user or an enthusiast, the RELX Essential and RELX Pod Pro are necessary purchases. The device prioritizes simplicity and convenience. Best of all, it provides a great experience at an exceptional price. With your RELX Essential, you can worry less about a vape leak ruining your day. Be sure to buy your Essential today

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