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Those who has never subscribed to subscription program on official website.

There are two ways to change your subscription plan:

1.Find our customer service via live chat or, they will help you.

2.Log into Your Account > Find My Subscription, check, change, or cancel your order.

*A fee may apply for canceling during promotions.

We will send an upcoming shipment email before we charge you. You can change the order within 24hrs after receiving the email notification.

Normally, the first Subscription delivery would arrive in 3-7 business days after the date of payment. Your subsequent deliveries will arrive at selected intervals thereafter.

You can contact our customer service via live chat or for a refund. You may need to return the package to us to proceed with the refund, and please make sure the package is not opened.

Log in and find the subscription in My Account. Cancel the origin subscription plan and create a new plan using the new credit card for subsequent orders.

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