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RELX Infinity—Winner of the Red Dot Award

September 24, 2020

The RELX Infinity utilizes the latest innovations in vape technology to give users the best possible experiences. In 2020, the RELX Infinity became the winner of the Red Dot Award. The results show our dedication to putting customers first. 

Each year, over 6,500 products are entered into the Red Dot design competition. Read on to discover what set the RELX Infinity apart from the rest, that eventually culminated in the RELX Infinity earning this prestigious award. Learn about the design, how the tool prevents leakage, and why you should invest in your very own RELX device. 

Award-Winning Design

The RELX Infinity model optimizes user experience in its design. Because of this focus, the Red Dot team chose this device among its competition as the best. 

The vape went through over 100 R&D scientists from the RELX lab who performed over 76 sensory tests. The team also made adjustments to quantify smoothness through five unique indicators. The attention to detail, plus the ergonomic design, stood out to the judges from Red Dot. 

Red Dot Design Award

The Red Dot Design Award is a once-a-year award for products around the world that utilize unique designs. Red Dot has been a leader since 1954 and the organization spotlights businesses that focus on aesthetics and style in their manufacturing. 

Before diving into the RELX Infinity model's specifics, let's learn about how Red Dot came into being and transformed into the image it holds today. 

History of Red Dot Design

The Red Dot Design Award started on July 30th, 1954. It came about as part of a German effort to make a better environment and modernize the German consumer goods market.

The first design competition took place in 1955, and the first permanent exhibit sprung up not long after. The showing became a model for future consumer goods showcases. 

In 1961, the Red Dot Awards went international, and other European countries got involved. Many countries, like Finland, displayed local showcases of innovative consumer goods designs. 

The original exhibition shifted its roots to Essen, Germany, and has remained there ever since. 

Since 2005, Red Dot GmbH & Co. KG has fleshed out its purpose. It has become an international design award, focusing on three aspects when judging:

  • Product Design
  • Brands and Communication Design
  • Design Concept

One of the World's Largest Design Competitions

The Red Dot Award competition is one of the largest in the business world. In 2020, over 50 countries submitted over 6,500 design entries. 

After the submission period closed, the Red Dot jury evaluated each entry based on the level of:

  • Innovation
  • Functionality
  • Formal quality
  • Durability
  • Ergonomics

From the Jury

Only the best of the best can receive the awards. The recipients celebrate at the Red Dot Gala award ceremony. Among the competitors in 2020, the RELX infinity vape model received the Red Dot Award. The jury recognized the product as a device of “sophisticated technology.” They appreciated its slender design and practicality, which they found contributed to the “practical value of this e-cigarette” (Red Dot). 

The RELX Infinity became one of the top product designs of 2020 for its focus on listening to user's desires. The vape emphasized ergonomics in the craftsmanship, allowing for a combination of eco-friendly vaping and ease of usage. 

RELX Infinity 

The RELX Infinity won the 2020 Red Dot Award for Product Design because of its cutting-edge design. The device also utilizes the Super Smooth™ technology to give vape users a pleasant experience. 

Infinite Utility, Infinite Reliability, Infinite Taste

The RELX Infinity model has a design tailored to allow you to bring it anywhere. No more worrying about leakage, poor battery life, or taking up too much space. With the additional RELX Pods Pro, you can select one of our many best-selling flavors for the ultimate vape experience. 

Science-Backed Performance and Testing

A team of R&D experts at the company crafted the device's Super Smooth™ performance standard. This innovation quantifies smoothness through five unique performance indicators. 


The design of the vape focuses on ergonomics and ease of use. 

The device heats up the e-liquid to a consistent temperature between 220 to 230 degree Celsius. The optimized draw resistance lets you puff within the margin of 0.4 kPa tolerance. If you're looking for speedy and efficient start-up time, the RELX Infinity activates its atomizer in 0.2 seconds. All of that technology brings you a rich and smooth vapor that weighs 6 to 7.5 mg within the range of 55 degrees Celsius.

You won't have to worry about disturbing your family members with the inhalation sounds. The vape emits less than 10 decibels of noise. 

The innovations come from two pieces of technology in the device:

  1. Air Boost: The design utilizes negative pressure in the airway to give you smooth vaping. 
  2. Active-Steam Pro: The atomizer in every RELX device provides a constant, balanced flow.            

With the RELX Infinity model, you benefit from an aluminum unibody design. It will keep the device working even if you accidentally drop it a couple of times. 

Plus, the Smart Pace Vibration Alerts lets you vape throughout the day and will give you a vibration alert if you inhale 15 times in 15 minutes. This mechanism provides a subtle feedback to help you track your usage.


RELX Pod Pro

The beauty of the RELX model is its compatibility with the leak-resistant maze interior of RELX Pods Pro. The pods use 11 layers to help prevent internal leaks, whether during everyday use or even on a flight.

The structure also prevents condensation from building in the vape pen. 

Charging Everywhere and Always

With the RELX Infinity, you get access to dual charging capabilities. The device comes with a Type-C charging cable. You can also click the vape into place with one of the compatible charging cases. (Sold Separately.)

You can charge wherever you are because of the ease of access. There's a pogo pin that makes the process easier. The device stores simply and easily, making it convenient to carry around. 

There's no need to purchase special cables when you purchase a RELX Infinity vape. All you need to do is plug your device in and you’re ready to go. 

Switch to Smooth

Even before becoming a Red Dot Award recipient, RELX has always dedicated itself to putting customers first. If you're looking for a unique vape that suits all your needs, consider the RELX Infinity. Its technological and design innovations push the boundaries of the e-cigarette industry. 

The RELX Infinity is compatible with the RELX Pods Pro which comes in nine best-selling flavors that you can try. All of our products come with a warranty; one year for every device and 60 days for each pod. With an investment in thoughtful design, you can expect nothing less than the full vaping experience n when you choose a RELX Infinity vape device. 

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