why is my vape leaking

Why Vapes Leak: Common Causes and Solutions

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Vaping has become a popular alternative to smoking tobacco in recent times. It provides a different experience, and very often is easily customizable to a person’s lifestyle and preferences.

But while vape devices are convenient and efficient, they are not without problems. One issue that vapers have found persistent is the leaking. And when you’re a beginner at vaping, finding leaks in your device can be very frustrating.

This article hopes to help both beginner and experienced vapers understand why leaks happen, and what they can do to prevent them. This piece will also explore two RELX devices–the Infinity and the Infinity 2, which feature advanced system settings and offer leak-free experiences.

Common Causes of Vape Leaks

why do vapes leak

Why do vapes leak? Understanding the reasons your vape is leaking is the first step in preventing it from happening. Here are some common causes of a vape leak:

  • Using the Wrong or Damaged Coils
    • The metal coils in vapes are what heat up the e-liquid, and are essential parts of your vape. But when the coil is incorrect or damaged, it can cause problems for your device. When a coil is not fitted properly or is damaged, it cannot do its job and will cause the e-liquid to leak out.
    • Always make sure you know which coil is compatible with your device, especially when you’re buying new ones. And always watch out for any damages, or wear and tear.
  • Broken and Poorly-fitted Seals
    • Vape seals are made of either silicone or rubber and are important in keeping the e-liquid stored securely inside the tank. But of course, with continuous usage and time, these seals may break down or loosen. And when this happens, the seal fails, and the liquid leaks out.
    • Check your vape regularly for cracks, tears, or loose parts. If there are, it might be time to replace it. Double-check the seals, especially after cleaning.
  • Overfilling the Tank
    • Yes, you can accidentally overfill your vape tank. It’s a pretty common mistake, especially if you’re a beginner. E-liquid expands when it is heated, and when there is too much of it, it can force its way out and leak.
    • Only fill your vape tank with as much e-liquid as is recommended by the manufacturer for your device.
  • Improper Storage and Handling
    • How you store your device can affect its performance and prevent damages. Some devices cannot be on their side for a prolonged time, so keeping your vape horizontal can cause leaks.
    • Always store your vape upright, and try to break the habit of setting it down on its side when you’re not using it. When you’re bringing it around in your bag, make sure to secure it upright so it won’t move around so much.
  • Incorrect E-Liquid Viscosity
    • There is a wide variety of e-liquids available on the market, and they usually come in ratios of vegetable glycerin (VG) to propylene glycol (PG). The VG-PG ratio depends on your device, and using the wrong one can damage it. When your vape requires a thicker e-liquid (higher VG), using a thinner one (higher PG) can cause that liquid to escape and leak.
    • Double-check what VG-PG ratio is appropriate for your device, and make sure to fill it up correctly.
  • Faulty or Worn-Out O-Rings
    • O-rings are made of rubber, and they seal off certain areas in your device (the top and the base) so that nothing escapes. Of course, with time and constant use, o-rings will get worn out or damaged, and the seal won’t be as secure. When this happens, you get leaks in your vape.
    • Check on your device’s o-rings often, especially when you’re cleaning your device. If you notice any damage or loosening, replace them immediately.

Solutions to Prevent Vape Leaks

Preventing vape leaks shouldn’t be too complicated, and it really boils down to proper upkeep and careful handling of your devices.

  • As with most things, regular maintenance often involves regular cleaning. When you clean your vape, inspect every part of it to ensure that nothing is worn or damaged. Check the parts that should be sealed, especially.
  • When replacing your coils, always make sure that you are installing the correct ones for your device, and that you are installing them properly. Damaged or wrongly installed coils can lead to leaks.
  • Be careful when you’re filling your vape tank with e-liquid. Remember not to go over the recommended level, or else you’ll overfill it and it will lead to leaks. Also only use the correct e-liquids for your device. The wrong liquid viscosity can ruin your vape.
  • Make it a habit to store and keep your vape devices upright; don’t lay them on their side for long periods of time.

RELX Infinity: Leak-Proof Design for a Hassle-Free Experience

RELX Infinity vape device

Researching and purchasing from companies that offer leak-free designs is always a good idea. At RELX, the Infinity and Infinity 2 devices are made with the customer’s hassle-free vaping experience in mind.

  • RELX Infinity Device
    • Convenient and reliable, the RELX Infinity is designed to prevent leaks and condensation. It has a dual charging system and an ergonomic design. Its active-steam pro technology ensures that heating remains consistent and balanced.

  • RELX Infinity 2 Device
    • The already incredible Infinity Device made it even better! The Infinity 2 has an enhanced sealing system and fast-charging abilities. It’s able to get to full capacity in under 30 minutes. It also has a 3-level power system that lets the user adjust the intensity of their puffs with a single click.

Every vaper experiences a leaking vape at least once. But when you understand what causes vape leaks, you’ll be able to prevent them from happening again.

Proper storage, regular maintenance, and the correct use of parts are all important in keeping your device leak-free.

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