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Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt?

July 15, 2021

If you vape, you're probably familiar with the problem: you take a puff, and your vape tastes burnt. This sensation can be incredibly unpleasant, causing some people to cough or choke.

But don't worry – there's a simple reason why you're experiencing burnt tastes.

Your vape probably tastes burnt because the wick inside your coil has worn out. The wick, which is made from cotton, runs through or around your coils to soak up your e-liquid. If you take a puff before it has soaked up enough liquid, it will burn dry. This causes the disgusting burnt taste. 

In this blog, we'll explain how you can stop this from happening and achieve the smoothness you expect from every puff.

How Long Should A Coil Last? 

Once your wick has burnt, your only option is to change it for a new one. If you continue vaping with a burnt wick, it can affect your device's mechanism – not to mention it will make you breathe in the unpleasant vapor. But in ordinary circumstances, your coil's lifespan will depend on how often you vape and what kind of device you use.  

Heavy vapers may find their coil burns out every week. For others, it could last as long as a month. You should always take care not to overuse your coil. However, if you prime it properly, you should be able to protect it and help it last a little longer than it would otherwise.

How Often Should I Change Coils?

The good news is that when the time comes to change your coils, you'll probably know about it. 

One of the key signs of a worn-out wick is when your vape tastes burnt. This is disgusting enough that you'll want to fix the problem as quickly as possible! 

But how does your choice of device dictate how often you'll need to change coils? 

Open-System Device

An open-system device, such as a sub-ohm vape, consists of interchangeable parts. It will typically contain a tank, heating component, fire button, and battery. This enables you to switch out the different parts to suit your vaping preferences. 

For many people, one of the main draws of an open-system device is that you can refill your e-liquid. This means you can use different flavors without having to throw away a different disposable cartridge each time.

Closed System Device

A closed-system device, on the other hand, isn't interchangeable. It contains a smaller heating component than an open-system device and has a disposable cartridge or pod instead of a refillable e-liquid tank. New vapers in particular often choose to use a closed-system device, as it's much simpler than an open alternative. 

If you use an open-system device, you’ll probably need to change your coil every 1-4 weeks, although the exact period will depend on whether you've made any modifications. Some people modify their devices to create large clouds of vapor. The more vapor you produce with each hit, the quicker you'll start burning the wick. 

A huge advantage of closed systems such as RELX is the fact you don’t need to change your coil yourself. This is because it’s swapped out automatically with each new pod. That means no prepping your wick, no refilling your juice, and no burnt taste! 

What Causes Traditional Coils to Burn?

So, you now know that dry, burnt coils can cause burnt hits. But what are the common causes for them to burn in the first place? 

There are various reasons why your traditional vape coils can burn. By making some simple changes to the way you vape, you can extend their lifespan and avoid the vile burning taste. 

You Haven't Primed Your Coils Properly

As we mentioned earlier, your coil will burn dry if it hasn't soaked up enough e-liquid. To help it last as long as possible, you will need to prime it correctly. This process means you must saturate the wick before you place your new coil into your tank.  

Looking at your coil head, you should see that it features three input holes. Carefully drip your chosen e-liquid through all three of these holes, stopping once the juice starts to flood out. Now you should leave it to soak (or 'rest') before taking a dry hit to test the saturation.

You can leave it for anything from a few minutes to 12 hours. The length of time you choose will depend on how strong you prefer your e-liquid to be. 

You're Chain Vaping

Chain vaping, like chain-smoking, is when you take puffs from your device with very short breaks in between. This can wreak havoc on even a new coil. Frequent puffs will cause your tank to heat up, and if you're chain vaping, your tank can quickly overheat. 

When your vape tank overheats, so will your e-liquid. This can mean it will vaporize too fast, which won't give your coil a chance to re-saturate before the next hit. As a result, your device will start to burn dry. 

You Use High VG E Liquids

High VG vape juice is a liquid that contains a high concentration of vegetable glycerin (VG). A high concentration is typically anything over 70%. This liquid is usually thicker than low-VG alternatives, which can make it more difficult for your wick to absorb. 

If you don't want to switch to a lower concentration of VG, make sure to saturate the wicks very thoroughly. Alternatively, use closed-system RELX products and simply switch out your e-liquid pod whenever you fancy a change. 

You're Using High Power Vaping

Your heating component will have a maximum recommended wattage. If you're vaping at a temperature or power that's higher than the recommended settings, your coils can quickly wear out. 

Does your device come with variable wattage settings? If so, make sure you have programmed it correctly. If you're still getting a burnt taste, you may need to consider switching to a new device that's powerful enough for your preferences.  

How To Avoid The Burnt Taste: The Bottom Line

Don't let your vaping habit leave a bad taste in your mouth. In short, there are four key ways to prevent the unpleasant burnt taste – and if you follow them correctly, you should notice it occurs far less often. These are: 

  • Make sure you prime your coils correctly and keep your tank topped with vape juice.
  • Stop chain vaping, particularly if you're low on liquid.
  • Use a liquid with a low level of vegetable glycerin.
  • Stick to the appropriate wattage and temperature settings for your device.

Unfortunately, getting occasional burnt hits isn't unusual if you use an open-system device. Even if you're highly experienced, you'll probably still notice the unpleasant taste every so often. This is generally a sign that you're running low on e-liquid and need to refill your vape tank. 

By switching to a closed-system device such as RELX, you can sidestep the issue completely. There’s no need to faff around with fiddly interchangeable parts - simply switch out your pod and coils as one to minimize the chance that your vape tastes burnt.

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