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RELX Wins Three Categories at the Vapouround Global Awards 2023

June 30, 2023

RELX International, a standout in the vaping industry, triumphed at the prestigious Vapouround Global Awards, clinching three coveted accolades. The RELX Infinity 2 secured Best Closed Pod System, while the impressive WAKA soPro PA10000 claimed Best Disposable. Additionally, the newcomer WAKA took home the award for Best Newcomer. These achievements solidify RELX International's leadership position and commitment to exceptional vaping experience.

Since its inception, RELX International has rapidly expanded across Asia and entered new markets, including Europe. It proudly holds the number one brand title in Asia, with notable dominance in Italy and Spain's pod system category. With a global reach spanning over 40 markets, RELX boasts a diverse team of 22 nationalities across 10 countries.

The introduction of WAKA as a sub-brand in December 2021 showcased RELX International's expertise. WAKA focuses on high-quality disposable vapes, offering 12 distinct product lines that surpass EU standards. Safety and customer satisfaction remain paramount.

These accomplishments testify to RELX International's dedication, innovation, and commitment to excellence. Pushing the boundaries of vaping technology, RELX strives to enhance lives with transformative products. Looking ahead, RELX International aspires to create a vibrant world, one vaping experience at a time.

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