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Jet2 Vape Rules: What You Need to Know Before Flying

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Recent years have seen more people choosing vaping as an alternative to traditional smoking. It is now not uncommon to carry around a vape or e-cigarette wherever you go. But traveling with it is another story altogether

Different airlines may have different rules regarding traveling with vapes and e-cigarettes, and it’s crucial to read up on them and understand them to make your trip a smooth one.

One of the UK’s leading airlines, Jet2, has certain policies in place regarding vapes that will ensure the safety and comfort of everyone. Following these policies will help you have the smooth and secure journey you deserve.

Jet2 Vape Rules: An Overview

Jet2, as with all airlines, has established rules according to international safety standards. These rules include instructions and policies for flying with vapes, e-cigarettes, and e-liquids.

According to their website, e-cigarettes and vapes are allowed in cabin/carry-on baggage “providing they are individually protected.”

Vaping is also prohibited onboard Jet2 aircraft and in airports (excluding designated smoking areas). Compliance with protocols is strongly encouraged, as non-compliance with Jet2’s flight and baggage regulations could result in fines, arrest, or flight bans.

Packing Your Vape for a Jet2 Flight

jet2 hand luggage vape

Figuring out how and where to pack everything, including your vapes and e-liquids, is an important part of traveling. As Jet2 airline rules dictate, vapes are allowed in cabin luggage, but ensuring you’ve packed them correctly is still important.

Here are some things to remember:

  • Keep it in hand luggage only
    • Vapes, e-cigarettes, and their spare batteries are, according to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidelines, only allowed in your carry-on bag. This is to lessen the risk of the lithium batteries leaking or sparking fires. Jet2 follows this guideline.
  • Secure all the batteries
    • The batteries are the most volatile part of your vape, and keeping them stored and packed securely will prevent incidents. Keep them in protective cases or in their original packaging.
  • Only 100ml for liquids
    • Vapes and e-cigarettes come with e-liquids, which are, of course, classified as liquid. So they must comply with the hand luggage limit of 100ml, and be stored in a clear and resealable plastic bag for screening.

Complying with these guidelines can make your journey easier and hassle-free, minimizing the risk of running into security issues with your vapes.

Jet2’s Policies on Vape Liquids

As previously mentioned, Jet2 follows FAA regulations regarding liquids in cabin baggage. Here are some things to remember when packing your e-liquids.

  • Remember the 100ml rule! Every container that stores liquid, including e-liquid used for vapes and e-cigarettes, must not exceed 100ml. This is a general rule in aviation and is strictly enforced.
  • All liquids must be placed in a clear and resealable plastic bag, which will be screened separately during the security procedure. The plastic bag must have a capacity of one liter or less.
  • If the amount of e-liquid you’re bringing is larger than 100ml, it must be packed in your checked luggage. However, ensure that it is stored and sealed tightly and securely to avoid leaks.

Taking note of these policies will save you time and hassle when packing your things for a trip. Securing your vape equipment and complying with the rules will also minimize leaks or confiscation during security screening.

Using Vapes Onboard Jet2 Flights

Vaping onboard Jet2 flights is not allowed.

The airline strictly prohibits the use of vapes and electronic cigarettes at any moment during the flight. This includes boarding, disembarking, and while in the air. Not complying with Jet2’s policies can lead to serious penalties, which may include confiscation, fines, or legal action.

There are alternatives to vaping that you can do while you wait for an appropriate time to get your fix. You can use nicotine patches or gum during the flight to manage your cravings. There are also designated smoking areas in airports and airport lounges, so you can use your vape there before your flight. And if your flight is a short one, you can schedule your vape sessions accordingly.

Adhere to the rules set in place to ensure a comfortable and hassle-free journey for yourself and fellow passengers. Avoid using your vaping device during the flight.

Tips for a Smooth Travel Experience with Vapes

jet2 vape policy

For even more security during your flight, here are some additional tips you can follow when you bring your vape or e-cigarette along on your travels:

  • Prepare everything before your flight. Ensure that your vape or e-cigarette is fully charged and that any spare batteries are securely packed before you board the flight. Double-check the guidelines set by Jet2 to ensure you have everything in order.
  • Already have the clear, resealable bag with your liquids ready and separated from the rest of your things while in line for security screening. This is to ensure that the screening is quick and smooth.
  • Once you’ve landed at your destination, double-check the rules and regulations set in your destination—especially in regards to vaping, before you take your device out. These can vary from place to place, so it’s best to be sure.

Preparing for your flight in advance, especially when packing your vaping equipment, can avoid issues and save time. Preparation is key to a hassle-free trip.


Everyone wants a seamless, easy flight without any delays and bumps along the way. A surefire way to ensure this happens is by reading up and understanding the rules and regulations set both by your chosen airline, and your place of destination.

Jet2 has clear and easily understood guidelines in place specifically for vapes and e-cigarettes, and complying with these policies will help you avoid disruptions and penalties.

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