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How To Choose a Vape Pen: A Basic Guide

July 26, 2021

The vape pen and vape kit market has a massive selection of styles, functions, and designs. Further, vendors are always offering newer and better vapes. This can be very overwhelming for even the most experienced vapers. 

We know how intimidating it can be to find the perfect vape pen or kit when you're new to vaping. That's why we've put together this guide on how to choose the best vape pen for you. 

There are several things to consider in a vape pen device when vaping. These include the material, functionality, heating method, design, battery life, and budget. If you're not sure where to start, keep this guide handy, so you can know what questions to ask and what to look for in a vape pen.

Vaping Material

"Vaping material" refers to what is in the vape pen device. There are a few different options for vaping material, each of which is described in detail below. 

E-Liquid or Oil

E-liquid is the substance in the vape pen device that gives it a unique flavor. It may or may not contain nicotine. When you use a vape pen that holds e-liquid or oil, it will have a tank and an atomizer, or a system of coils and wicks for heating. The battery provides energy to heat the coil, turning the juice into a vapor when you inhale. 

One of the benefits of e-liquid is the versatility in flavors and nicotine concentrations. E-liquids come in numerous flavors and can also have several nicotine concentrations, including 0%. 


Another vital aspect to consider when purchasing a vape pen device is functionality or ease of use. Some vape pens or e-cigarettes only require users to put in the material, turn the device on, and start vaping. Other vape pens require users to make use of advanced features like temperature control and pre-sets. 

Do you need all the advanced features of a pricier, more advanced vape pen device? Will you in the future? It might be worth getting a device with some features you might want in the future but is still easy to use. Consider what you want in a vape pen and what your price point is when choosing.

Heating Method

There are three different types of heating methods for vape pens: Conduction, convection, and induction. Each heating method is detailed below.

  • Conduction – Conduction is when the vaping material comes in direct contact with the heating element or coil. This is the best heating method for those who want to vape as soon as the button is pressed.
  • Convection – In convection, the heating element or coil isn't in direct contact with the vaping material. This might reduce the risk of combustion or burning the vaping material, but it takes some time to heat up.
  • Induction – Induction is a relatively new and advanced heating method that uses magnetic fields to heat the vaping material. It's rare to find an e-cigarette that uses induction, but it may become more popular.

Some forms of vaping material only work with specific heating methods. Therefore, consider your preferred vaping material before choosing a vape pen with a particular heating method. 


A reliable, ergonomic, and easy to use vape device is one of the most important things to look for. After all, would you use a vape if it was uncomfortable or didn't have the best performance? This aspect is like functionality but has more to do with the materials of the device. Look for vape pens made of solid materials such as stainless steel or carbon fiber. Other materials to look for include ceramic, titanium, and quartz for the best performance. 

Try to avoid materials like silicon and Teflon because they have a low melting point, which could be dangerous. 

Battery Life

Most vape pens will include a Lithium-Ion battery built into the pen. If you want an e-cigarette that'll last you several days, you may have to find a larger one. The larger batteries will last longer while the smaller batteries will not last as long. If you want a small, discreet vape pen, you may have to compromise on battery life. 

The power output is also a vital factor in battery life. Lower resistance coils on the heating elements will create more flavor and vapor if you use the vape pen for e-liquid or oils. 

However, more flavor and vapor will mean more power output and less battery life. Consider how small you want the vape pen and what you want to use it for. After all, you'll get the best performance from a larger battery, but it'll cost you money and size.


Arguably the most vital aspect of purchasing a vape pen device, vape kit, or e-cigarette is the price. How much are you willing to spend on a vape pen or kit? It is best to set a strict budget for your purchase. 

You should also set money aside for maintenance, materials, cleaning equipment, and more. Consider if you're ready to invest long-term in an expensive vape pen or kit, or if you're not prepared to make that investment yet. 

BONUS: Vape Kits

Vape kits are growing in popularity as a viable and affordable option for vapers. There are a few different kinds of vape kits available on the market, each catering to a different type of vape. 

Pod System Kit

Pod systems or pod kits are unique compared to a usual starter kit of a mod and a tank. Pod systems are typically affordable and offer excellent portability and convenience. Pod systems have a removable cartridge for either pre-filled pods or an empty refillable cartridge you can fill with your favorite juice.

Pen-Style Kit

The classic pen-style of a vape is the most common that people think of. It has more battery power output compared to pod systems, but they're often more expensive. However, they're the ideal choice for those who prefer direct mouth to lung vaping. 

They usually have customizable settings such as temperature control, wattage output, sub-ohm tank pairings, mouth to lung preferences, and more. 

Box Mod Kit

Box mod kits are the most complicated kits of all. You have a tank, replaceable coil, and the box mod. Some of these allow for removable batteries, and others offer built-in battery options. They'll often have a high-power output. The most expensive box mod kits will have screens, voice recognition, and more. 

If you decide to purchase a vaping kit instead of just the vaping device, you may include the cost of materials and cleaning equipment in the purchase's total cost.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the best vape pen or kit isn't necessarily about getting the most mods or the fanciest equipment. It's more about considering all the factors and going with a high-quality pen or kit. 

Of all the elements, budget may be the most important to you. However, when choosing the best vape pen device for you, it's good to be educated on the heating method, vaping material, and other factors. 

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