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Classic Starter Kit

1 Device + 1 RELXPod (2ml) + 1 Micro-USB Cable
Compatible Pod: RELXPods



Popular Gradient Colors

RELX combines elegant designs with innovative next-generation technology to provide beginner vapers with the most advanced electronic vapor cigarette starter kit available online.

Each vape pen is the culmination of our precise production process. We carefully monitor every step of the process, from design to manufacturing, to present new vapers with easy-to-use and efficient vaping devices. With our stylish vape pens, RELX hopes to provide smokers an alternative to cigarette smoking.

Our pods make vaping a taste explosion, with multiple flavors that range from classics, like Mint, to new combinations, like Mellow Yellow and Fresh Red.

3% Nicotine
5% Nicotine
Classic Tobacco
Ludou Ice
Garden's Heart
Sunny Sparkle
FRESH Series
Fresh Red
Tangy Purple
Dark Sparkle
Fruit Tea
White Freeze
High-quality nicotine salts

Efficient nicotine delivery and satisfied cravings.

Brand new honeycomb ceramic atomizing
Softer and smoother pulls

Innovative ceramic atomizing technology, with e-liquid 360° wrapped, for authentic flavor rendering and fresher throat feel


High-end ceramic

360° wrapped heating

Choosing the Right Vape Kits for New Switchers

When you start vaping, you’ll need a combination of vaping devices. What should you look for in a vape bundle if you’ve just chosen to vape instead of smoking?

1)  Efficiency: You want a vape pen you can use any time without worrying whether it has enough power for a good session. Look for vape pens that charge up quickly and use their battery life efficiently.

2)  Smooth inhalation: Advanced vape pens can produce a fine mist that infuses you with flavor without irritation. Find a kit that produces smooth and rich vapors.    

3)  Stylish: A vape pen is an accessory, so it should reflect your personality and sense of style. A lot of vape devices are clunky and unappealing, so find one that’s as elegant as a high-quality smartphone.    

4)  Range: Vaping fluids come in a range of flavors, some classic and some novel. To get the best beginner experience, purchase a beginner bundle that lets you choose your favorite flavor or one that you want to try out.

RELX’s products are a good way for new vapers to savor new flavors and start vaping the right way.

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What You’ll Find in a RELX Starter Kit

Our Starter Kit is the perfect vaping set for beginners. Each kit contains the following:

1)  1 next-generation vape pen: You can choose the color of your vape pen from six options, each one perfect for a different personality. Each unit features advanced ceramic atomizing technology for softer and smoother inhalations.

2)  1 vape pod: One of RELX’s 2-milliliter pods is equal to three packs of cigarettes. Each pod has enough liquid for 650 pulls. Find your favorite flavor from 15 different choices, like Blue Burst, Tangy Purple, and Mellow Yellow.

3)  1 micro-cable USB charger: RELX vape pens are fully charged after only 45 minutes. Their batteries last a whole day even with heavy use, or up to 250 pulls.

Start your vaping experience on a high note with RELX’s next-generation Starter Kits.

Find a RELX Store Near You

You can purchase a RELX starter kit right here on our site. We’re more than happy to ship your purchases directly to your doorstep, anywhere in the world. Or you can use our Store Locator to find a RELX distributor near you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 882 reviews
Fnatic Zrgt

Classic Starter Kit




Classic Starter Kit

RelX Starter Kit

Like the product so far. Taste is pleasant and refreshing. The amount of nicotine is fine.

JC Martinez
Switched to RELX Essential and Infinity

I am a vape user for almost 2 years, then a friend of mine is selling RELX products, tried it and it turned out that it's super smooth. I like most of the pod flavors most especially Fresh Red and Methol Extra (highly recommended for menthol fanatics!)

What RELX can improve is the RELX Essential battery life, I've just used it for only 2 months and it turned the battery gets depleted. And as of now, I am currently using RELX infinity (still super smooth), I find it classy for the wireless charging case and the smart vibration.

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