RELX MagicGo DM6000 Disposable Vape

RELX MagicGo Plus DM6000
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What’s special

DUALMESH, the double satisfaction

Exterior design: a metallic artpiece

Fast-charging pure cobalt battery

Meet the whole range

Blueberry Splash
Chewy Watermelon
Coffee Tobacco

More information

You may be wondering...

Q: Is DUALMESH better than single MESH? How?

A: Yes. Compared to a single MESH, it offers two outstanding benefits for consumers:

1)Large Clouds: Boost to 2X more powerful clouds and nicotine satiscfaction;

2)Better Taste: The flavor intensity and richness will be twice enjoyable!

3)Flavor Freshness: Reduces e-liquid burn rates and provides freshness at up to 6000  puffs. 

Q: Why DUALMESH can sustain a fresher taste?

A: Based on RELX Lab tests, a flavor starts to fade after 8ml with a single MESH, and the original flavor becomes hard to recognize and produces a burnt taste after 12ml. To solve the problem, We’ve doubled the atomizer’s life span by 2X with DUALMESH technology. Therefore, each flavor retains its freshness even at an 18ml capacity.

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