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Flavor Review

November 25, 2020

Menthol Plus

That’s a heavy hitting super cool menthol flavor, with a spearmint or peppermint twist. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, but it may be a great option for those coming from smoking menthol cigarettes.


Described as – A Breath Of Fresh Mountain Air

I was expecting a serious bit of cooling going on with this, but the levels are actually quite subtle, for my tastes anyway.

As menthols go this is definitely not a blow your socks of menthol. A subtle menthol that leaves a slight after cooling in the mouth after exhaling.

If you don’t like your menthols too strong then this should fit you well.

Decent for me though overall.


Fresh Red

This is a simple watermelon flavor, with a bit of mint at the background. It is not overly sweet and, outside of the cooling part, it is a very balanced flavor. I really enjoyed this one. It’s very refreshing and a great summer vape.


Described as – Mellow Out For The Summer

Another cooling vape and as it says on the time definitely one for the summer. This time around with a bit of watermelon. Nothing better than a big wedge of the stuff on the beach,

This is another that does deliver the flavour albeit on the subtle side. The coolant is strong and refreshing so you just get a waft of the watermelon flowing through your mouth on the inhale and exhale.

Very nice indeed. Would have personally liked just a touch more on the watermelon but nonetheless this is a flavour I could sit and vape right through a long summer’s day.


Tangy Purple

That’s an interesting one. I for one love it, but I don’t think it’s for everyone. It is predominantly a grape flavor, but the way grape is usually interpreted in e-juice. It feels like a well-rounded version of a grape DIY e-liquid I’ve been struggling in the past with. I have to give them props: they did a much better job than I did with it.


Described as – Bursting With Sophistication

I love my grapes but never been the biggest fan when it comes to vaping them.

This is a interesting one. You do get the grape coming through but it’s almost as if they have included the bitter pips in the flavour profile as well. If it was on purpose then very clever mixing! Haha! There is also a slight floral element coming through.

For the grape vapers amongst us it may well just hit the spot.


Raspy Ruby


This is a straightforward minty raspberry flavor and one of the least complex flavors of the collection. I am not a huge fan of raspberry vapes, but I kinda liked this one. I just found it a bit too floral for my taste.


Described as – Bursting With Wonder

With Raspberries at the core this is another cooling vape that is perfect for summer.

The fruit is lovely on the inhale, not too sweet, maybe a touch too subtle but still very nice.

This is one of those flavours that is simple but done very well. An easy all day vape for me.


Ludou Ice

I had to google that one, because its flavor was, well, a completely new experience for me. Turns out it recreates an Asian desert with the main ingredient being mung bean. This must be an acquired taste type of thing. I guess if you know what mung bean is, and you like it, it may be something that you’d enjoy. But it isn’t for me.


Described as – Dive Into An Asian Summer

Lodou is based on on an authentic Asian dessert, Mung Bean ice cream. Which I have to say I don’t remember ever trying.

On first taste I didn’t like it. Almost like an icy, earthy flavour for want of a better description.

It did grow on me just a touch and is quite a refreshing vape for sure. It’s the after taste just isn’t for me.


Golden Slice

This, along with Dark Sparkle, are my two favorites of the line. This is a very refreshing mango flavor that I enjoyed so much that I went through two 5.0% pods in a day. To be fair, you can’t really mess up mango nowadays in e-liquid, but this shouldn’t take away from the fact that they nailed it. Two thumbs up.


Garden’s Heart

It’s a cooled strawberry milk flavor, which sounds a bit weird on paper but it kinda works. It’s not my favorite, but I really like the strawberry they used here, and it feels like the least mentholated flavor of the bunch.


Dark Sparkle

And last but not least, one of the best cola flavors I’ve ever hard, period. In fact, this may be the only cola flavor I’ve ever enjoyed in vaping! On top of that, they used the right amount of cooling, which makes it feel kinda fizzy too. This flavor is a winner and I am already planning on buying some extra pods.


Described as – Quench Your First

Now I did mention the flavour descriptions are kind of left to your imagination. This one is pretty easy to decipher though. Any guesses?

No, OK.. So this is a Cola vape. And a very nice one at that.

The inhale brings the familiar Cola flavour, this is accompanied by a slight fizz and an icy shot. I mean no one likes warm Coke do they..

It’s not too sweet either, so maybe more of a Coke Zero.

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