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RELX Warns Consumers to Stay Away From Fake RELX Strawberry Ice Pods and Red Wine Ice Pods

RELX Warns Consumers to Stay Away From Fake RELX Strawberry Ice Pods and Red Wine Ice Pods

May 28, 2020

RELX recently discovered fake Strawberry Ice pods and fake Red Wine Ice pods being sold to consumers. The company has never produced or authorized the production of the Strawberry Ice or Red Wine Ice flavors. The image below is of the fake pods that are being sold online and retail shops.

RELX Fake Ice Pods

Fake Strawberry Ice Pods & Fake Red Wine Ice Pods


To protect the rights and interests of consumers, RELX’s Golden Shield Program has conducted numerous anti-counterfeiting investigations and actions. RELX recently issued a warning to consumers that stated consumers should not purchase counterfeit engraved devices, compatible pods and that they should avoid purchasing products online from unverifiable sources.

Various online dealers, websites, and even some offline retailers sell various kinds of illicit compatible vape pods. The compatible pods are sold at a lower price point than RELX vape pods and are often sold in bundles with authentic vape devices. 

According to test results from RELX’s laboratory, the illicit compatible pods often use inferior e-liquids; contain harmful substances like toluene at levels that greatly exceed normal standards; and the nicotine content does not match what is advertised on the packaging. This explains why the compatible pods are often sold at a much lower price.

Compatible pods are unreliable and not safe. Please be careful and refrain from purchasing the fake strawberry ice flavor. Customers should only buy products from authorized channels and use QR code scanners to verify the authenticity of RELX products. 


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