Richer, more satisfying flavors

High-quality nicotine salts

Efficient nicotine delivery and reduced cravings.

Pod capacity equivalent to:

3 packs of cigarettes

Pod longevity:

650 pulls

Pod e-liquid capacity:

2 ml

Softer and
smoother pulls

Innovative ceramic atomizing technology

for authentic flavor rendering and fresher throatfeel


6 w

Honeycomb diameter size:

0.01 mm

Incredible battery performance

Lasts up to 3 days with average use,

and one full day with heavy use.

Battery capacity:

350 mAh

Charges in:

45 minutes

Pulls availabe on full charge:


Clean and
minimalistic design

Buttonless operation.

Compact and lightweight.


Pull detection

Detects changes down to:

0.001 atm

Magnetic lock

Secures e-liquid pods in place.

Intuitive and user-friendly.

Abundant colors
and flavors

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All e-liquid formulations are developed by a team of senior well-respected chemists and flavor scientists, using the highest-quality ingredients and nicotine salts.

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Every component of a RELX e-cigarette is carefully designed, engineered, and selected for use; each step of production is meticulously monitored to ensure adherence to exact specifications.

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Your trust in us matters. Every RELX e-liquid pod and device is checked meticulously for defects or malfunctions before being approved for use.