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Based on 449 reviews

Dont think it’s leak proof as advertised. Constantly get leaking here and there occasionally on the mouthpiece. Not sure where does the leak comes from

Absolutely disappointed

I ordered alpha refill but it come relx first version refill. WT.......

Good vape, works as described. However, after coming from the Relx Classic, it's not worth the upgrade. Device is more expensive and so are the pods. The pods are more expensive due to better technology but includes only 2 pods per pack and significantly less liquid compared to Relx Classic Pods. Additionally, both the pods that came with the device (Mint & Tobacco) were both leaking upon delivery. I personally prefer the vape of the Classic Pods better. Flavors are the same in both devices and I noticed no significant difference from the Classic to the Alpha. After using both devices, I'm going to go back to using my Classic. I do not believe this device is worth the upgrade if you have the Classic already and if you have not tried either devices, I would recommend going with the Classic as you get more for your money and they are practically the same device besides some insignificant "technology" upgrades. I would be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed with the performance of the Alpha.

Hi Ryan Jang, thanks for your review, we will feedback this to our R&D department, we will improve our product to give you batter experience. As you said that the pods leaking upon delivery, would you please send a photo to us, we can exchange for you, thanks for your understanding.



it taste good and cool, I like it give the feeling of cold when you vape it, but it just way too sweet.

Hi Yifan, thanks for loving RELX, more flavors will coming soon.

I’ll give 5 stars for the products
But the shipping take too long to get here.

Thank you for choosing RELX. We will keep improving our logistic service.
leaking issues

Two starts for the good flavor. However, the pod's quality is terrible and unacceptable. Purchase one pack for three pods, both of them have leaking issues! I'll still give a chance for the product, but you guys must fix it.

Hi Chris, so sorry for the problem. Would you please send a email to support@relxtech.com with a picture of the pods(code number), we will exchange for you. Thanks.
Charging problem

What it means on the light and the device keep vibrating when charging?

Hi Rayson, there will be breathing light when you charging the Alpha, and will be bright when fully charge. Hope this help.
Will not keep the charge for more than an hour

After a month it doesn't keep the charge anymore. Every hour or every few pufs I have to recharge it. Not worth it. Device is faulty and customer support is worthless, Contacted customer support what to do with the faulty device and if they can fulfill there 1 year warranty. They want me to send a video, and now I am trying to figure how to make a video of a battery that only keep the charge for an hour. Ridiculous. Do not buy it. An item that is going to break from a company that doesn't offer support and no warranty.

Broken after 10 days

After only 10 days, I could not charge the device, and the broken device caused all the pods I bought to leak. I really hope I can get a refund/exchange.

Hi Yi Guo, So sorry to hear that.We need your help to send a video for the broken device that can't charge, you can send email to support@relxtech.com, when we confirm the problem, will exchange for you, thanks.

I bought the starter kit one month ago and I haven't received anything and now the system wants me to review the product! SO IRONIC.

Bad costumer service

Horrible costumer service ordered over two weeks ago still did not receive the RELX!
They keep sending me the tracking that has not been updated for 10days stuck in honk kong and they will not do anything about it.

I've been waiting for my order for more than a months. Non delivery and non existence at all. Contacted cs rep through email. Always giving the same answer. till now dsl only have the order to pick up .but still not picking up yet after i have recived a message “you ordered been shipped” 2 weeks ago

Shipping takes toooooooooo long!

Our products are great!
But the shipping takes toooooooo long every time!!!!

hi,ZHENNI SUN.Thank you for choosing RELX. We will keep improving our logistic service.

I love it, it help me quit smoke cigarettes and they have great flavors

Thank you for loving RELX
Shipping is too long.

Order pods on 6/20/19. Over 5 weeks still have not receive

Perfect size, perfect taste

I have been vaping for over a year now but have always had a problem with the size of the vapes I’ve tried, as well as the taste that a coil gives off once trying different flavors.

The Relx is light and easy to carry in my purse without any issues and I have no problems with tastes crossing over - which gives me the freedom to change my flavors as many times as i would like in one day.

The battery lasts much longer than any of my other vapes and I love that I can have different color devices without having to pay a fortune.

All in all, I really love my Relx and love the mint flavor the most!

hi,Beth Brook,thank you for your support!We will do better and roll out more flavors in the future!
Bad Experience

My relx alpha stopped working in just a few days.. no respond at all..

hi,Z X,We're extremely sorry to hear that. Thank you for bringing this to our notice.Please send us a video of the product with quality problems to review the issue. And you can contact us any time,so we will fix the problem immediately.If you have any other questions, contact us at support@relxtech.com
Again don’t buy it especially from Australia!

I just feel sick! I have 3 children and am a single parent. I want to stop smoking and thought you were the answer. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

hi,Julie Russell.RELX can’t promise that you will stop smoking but we can offer you better lifestyle.Hope you can enjoy our product.
Lousy customer service representative

I've been waiting for my order for more than 2 months. Non delivery and non existence at all. Contacted cs rep through email. Always giving the same answer. Wait and wait . Your order is on the way... really disappointed .

Your delivery is great!

As you said, you have fulfilled my order 14days ago, and ask me a feedback now. I just wanna say that my order is not shipped yet. I refresh the shipping status everyday. Same result. Always showing that “shipping information received”, “not pickup by delivery”. How can I give a feedback on the products bro??

Cannot be charged.

My charger does not work.

Hi Ke Ding, Would you please send a video to support@relxtech.com, we will confirm the problem and exchange for you, thanks.
Leaking oil.

Just opened it yesterday. And they stared to leaking only a few hours later.

Hi Lee, would you please send a photo about leaking to support@relxtech.com? We will confirm it and exchange for you, thanks for your understanding.
Broken in 2 weeks

Just got it 2 weeks ago, and it’s broken now, very disappointed ☹️

Hi Sun, would you please tell us how the broken happened? Thanks.